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You can contact us during office hours at 052 202 33 33 or Why not take a look at our list of questions below. Maybe you will find one or the other answer to your questions there. Furthermore you will find under PDF Documents various forms and info to download as PDF.

By car you can reach Mietauto AG in Winterthur via the A1 freeway in the direction of Bern or St. Gallen. Take the freeway exit Winterthur Töss. By public transport take the train to Winterthur main station and then the bus line 5 (NFB5) in the direction of Dättnau. We are directly at the stop Schwimmbad-Töss. Timetable from Dättnau Timetable from main station

For our customers we have enough parking spaces available.

Parking space of your choice

Choose the right parking space for your budget

You can easily choose your preferred parking space during the reservation process of your vehicle by selecting it in the reservation form with one click. You can choose from the following parking options:

  • Parking zone P1 is located directly in front of our office building. You may park there for up to 30 minutes free of charge.
  • Parking zone P2 is located at the bathi parking lots. You can rent these parking spaces for 1/2 day for 5 CHF, for the whole day for 8 CHF.
  • Parking zone P3 is located by the skater place. You can rent these parking spaces from 5 CHF.
  • Exclusive VIP Parking we offer in our underground garage. These parking spaces can be rented from 12 CHF.
  • Disclaimer We expressly point out that we assume no liability for all damage to vehicles on our parking zones.

The main driver needs a valid driver's license and an appropriate means of payment to make the deposit.

Vehicles can be parked outside opening hours with the Key safe (Digi-code box) can be picked up at no extra cost. Conditional that the contract is signed in advance and the deposit is paid.

24 h / 7 days a week

About our key center

As a customer of ours, you can pick up our vehicles whenever it suits you. Our key center, also called Digi-Box, allows you to pick up keys independently of our office hours. Learn more about this possibility by clicking on Key Center above.


We will register you as the renter and the person picking up the vehicle as the driver

We will be happy to take the time to explain the vehicle and give some tips.

24 hours


You can also return our vehicles outside our office hours.

In this case, as described our return, use our secure key return mailbox.

Deposit the key there after you have locked the vehicle. The settlement takes place the following day, as discussed with you in advance.


Cash payment in Swiss francs, Maestro EC cards or Postcard and major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express).

We ask you to bring CHF xxxx.- advance payment incl. deposit at the beginning of the rental period. The payment can be made on site in cash, with EC-, Post-, or credit card. You can calculate the amount of the deposit by adding the offered rental price and plus / minus. CHF 300.

The deposit guarantees that the customer can settle a possible damage to the vehicle or equipment.

This will be returned to you immediately in cash upon return of the vehicle during opening hours. Outside opening hours, we will transfer the remaining amount back to your bank account without a flat fee. Repayment form

Very simple

Money back

You still have something to good?
They forgot to record your IBAN number?
You would like to save yourself another trip to us?Simply click Money Back above and fill out our refund form!


All prices of are total prices. The fuel costs are always exclusive.

We usually have enough accessories in stock. Here is a small selection: Tension set, Blankets, Carrying straps, Palletrolli, Sackrolli, Automatic Sackrolli, Rolli (with and without stirrups), Ski boxes, Cooling boxes, Child seats, Bike carriers, Various ramps, Box trailers, Car transport trailers, Navigation devices GPS.

Yes, you can order the accessories by phone or email.

Customers residing abroad must pay the deposit with Maestro EC cards or credit cards. Cash payments are not possible. In addition, only valid FAK driver's licenses are accepted.

The minimum age of a vehicle driver must be at least 20 years. In addition, he must be in possession of a valid driver's license for at least 1 year.

The minimum age of a driver in the Fun Cars category must be at least 25 years. In addition, the driver must be in possession of a valid driver's license for at least 3 years.

We offer the service of refueling for you, at the current fuel prices and of course without additional fees. Of course, you may also refuel yourself. Our rental prices are always exclusive of fuel.

Passenger cars, vans and minibuses with up to 9 seats or 3.5 tons total weight.

Since September 1, 2009, the Road Traffic Office has been using the new Chauffeur Licensing Ordinance (CZV) communicated. Since this date, anyone who wants to transport passengers or goods professionally with vehicles in categories C, C1, D and D1 requires a certificate of competence for the transport of passengers and/or goods. That means for you, private journeys with vehicles with over 9 places the entry D1 is sufficient. Private journeys are journeys without commercial use or to generate income. (Trips with dormitories or club trips, sports clubs are not considered as private trips). Here is more information Stva-Link Other information on conditions and additional information on the driver's license Codes Stva

Driving in EU member states is allowed.

For East-Europe countries we additionally require an EU-East theft insurance. Depending on the rented vehicle category, this can amount to between CHF 10.- and 30.- per day and has a deductible of CHF 1000.-. (The following countries are considered as EU-East countries) Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Greece, Russia).

Driving vehicles with more than 9 seats in Germany is allowed according to Bund article. Link driving personnel regulation, Link Article 9 Exceptions for private journeys

Individual EU countries have different laws regarding the accessories to be carried (e.g. warning vests, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, etc.) You as the renter are responsible for knowing and complying with these regulations. Here you will find information about other countries and EU states and their requirements. The most important countries at a glance as PDF.

The rental contract of Mietauto AG includes comprehensive insurance. Liability and comprehensive deductible is CHF 2000.- per claim (this includes damage to other property and vehicles and to the rented vehicle). Transport goods and personal belongings of the renter are not covered in the insurance. Please note: Driving on race tracks, towing/testing (without permission from our side), as well as subletting to third parties is not allowed. Mechanical damage or damage to windshields, tires, underbody, car keys, rims, superstructures caused by careless or improper use or non-observance of the total height are the responsibility of the renter. For an additional charge, however, the deductible can be reduced to CHF 500.- per claim.

If desired, insurance for additional drivers and passengers can be taken out for an additional charge. This insurance makes sense especially if it is planned that more than one driver will drive the vehicle or if the passengers are not in possession of their own accident insurance.

 In the event of a breakdown, contact us immediately. During opening hours at tel. 052 202 33 33 and outside opening hours on tel. 052 202 33 34.

Please inform our insurance company AXA Intertours Winterthur at 0844 802 08 (24 hours available). Our policy number 20.122.775

Be sure to prepare a damage report. If the facts of the case are unclear, you should also contact the police on 117. As the tenant, you are also liable for any damage that is not reported.

Gegen Vorlage einer Quittung, werden Reparaturen technischer Defekte (ohne eigenes Verschulden) nach Rücksprache mit uns vergütet.

Download the damage document down and send it back including photos to our e-Mail address.


Online damage report

You have made a damage? The very first thing we hope is that you are fine! Do not worry. Sheet metal is replaceable.

  • If you are responsible for the damage, please click on Online Claim Report and file a claim with our insurance company or report to us in person at the counter so we can verify that we have all the necessary information to process the claim. Best thanks
  • If you are not responsible for the damage, please take all the necessary information from the person who caused the damage so that we can contact them. Also for this best thanks.

With our limousine, shuttle and bus service, we are happy to cover this area for you. Ask for an offer without obligation.

At Occasionen you will find a current list of vehicles for sale. Just ask for a leasing or purchase offer, we will be happy to advise you on site.

If you have a question regarding a completed rental or any other comment regarding our car rental services, please contact us by phone at the number 052 202 33 33 or by e-mail at You can also drop by our office (07 - 12h / 13 - 18h) or share a post on our social network pages. Facebook / Twitter / Google+ / Youtube