Rent a Tesla S75 D in Winterthur

Rent a Tesla S75 D in Winterthur

Rent a TESLA S75 D in Winterthur

Price Tesla S 75D 
1 day CHF 250.- incl. 300 km 


Minimum driving age 25 years
Driving license must have been held for 3 years
Deposit required by credit card 
Model S is built for speed and range, with less polution. Discover the Tesla S with scintillating acceleration, interior design, & ride quality at Mietauto AG in Witerthur. 
You can rent the Tesla model S75 D at Mietauto AG in Winterthur from the age of 25 years. You need a valid driver's license and a valid credit or debit card for paying a deposit to pick up the car. 

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